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I can look right through your eyes
Words that flee your lips are paper-doll lies
I know much better than to buy
When you look away and say you're fine.
My heart bleeds every time you fall,
It's not your fault. It's not your fault.
I would give you all my silver stars,
It's not your fault. It's not your fault.
If you only knew the angel you are,
It's not your fault. It's not your fault.
It's just so hard to watch you fall,
When it's not your fault. It's not your fault.
I wish I could dive into your heart,
Drag out what makes you fall apart.
Concealed dejection grows so cold
Tearing at your shattered soul.
My heart bleeds every time you fall,
It's not your fault. It's not your fault.
I would give you all my silver stars,
It's not your fault. It's not your fault.
If you only knew the angel you are,
It's not your fault. It's not your fault.
It's just so hard to watch you fall,
When it's not your fault. It's not your fault.
You're the only one who can't see,
Behind your back grow angel wing
:iconstiflersgirl:stiflersgirl 1 8
Three Years
You packed up and left here,
With intentions of visiting later this year.
And I will count each and every day,
Until the next time I see your pretty face.
This lonely state,
Is not the same.
Three years and thousands of miles.
Keep us away.
This lonely state,
Will never change.
These stupid numbers
Won't keep me away.
I'll find a way.
I hope California's treating you fine.
I hear the weather is great this time
Of the warm winterless year.
I'd do anything to be there with you.
This lonely state,
Is not the same.
Three years and thousands of miles.
Keep us away.
This lonely state,
Will never change.
These stupid numbers
Won't keep me away.
I'll find a way.
I wish I was more than just and average face
In the crowd that welcomes you everyday.
When the music ends,
You'll be greeted with another sketch and a familiar friend.
This lonely state,
Is not the same.
Three years and thousands of miles.
Keep us away.
This lonely state,
Will never change.
These stupid numbers
Won't keep me away.
:iconstiflersgirl:stiflersgirl 1 15
I'm in Love with a Gay Man
his emo hair,
looks like he doesn't care,
what it looks like.
he spent the whole morning on it.
his bright-white smile,
his color coordinated outfit.
eyebrows sculpted beautifully
someone's questioning their sexuality
i wonder yet i don't understand,
i think my love is a gay man
i'd tell him how i feel, he wouldn't understand
i'm in love with a gay man
he'll go to the mall with me
read all the girly magazines.
and i just love it
when he begs me to paint his nails
his eyeliner
he applies it better than i do
i wonder what he'd say
if i said "i love you"
i'm in love with a gay man, i'm in love with a real man.
i'm in love with a gay man, i'm in love with a real man.
:iconstiflersgirl:stiflersgirl 5 23
The Marko of Oz: Chapter 1
Kimmothy stood patiently, squeezed between the barricade in front of her and the crowd of people behind her. The starting band was almost done, and to be honest, Kimmothy wasn't really interested in them, for the real reason why she got there five hours early to wait in line until the doors opened and ran to get a spot right and center in front of the stage was for her all-time favorite band, Sugarcult.
A finger poked into Kimmothy's shoulder. Turning around, Kimmothy was met with an obvious teenie, dressed in a skimpy tank-top and a mini skirt. And don't forget the flip-flops that made her three inches taller then she really was. A confused look grew on Kimmothy's face as she looked at the girl's eyes, full of excitement.
"Ohmygod, what are these people doing on stage?" she asked.
"You obviously haven't been to a concert, as your wardrobe proves," Kimmothy smiled, happy that for once she said something that made some kind of sense, "this is what you'd call a 'starting band', my dear.
:iconstiflersgirl:stiflersgirl 4 13
SC Sketchy Sketch by stiflersgirl SC Sketchy Sketch :iconstiflersgirl:stiflersgirl 4 20
Know Me
Do I think about you every night?
When I'll never have a chance anyway.
Are you always on my mind?
All I'm doing is wasting my time.
You'll never know,
That you stole my heart,
On that lovely day in July.
You'll never know,
How much I melt to your,
Rock and roll lullabies.
You'll never know how much
You can possibly mean to me.
Because you'll never know, You'll never know,
Do I see when I close my eyes?
I think I'm getting too obsessed.
Would I do anything for you?
When I know I'm nothing to you.
Just another face in the crowd.
Do I think about you every night?
When I'll never have a chance anyway.
I'll never have a chance anyway
I'm in love,
It's only temporary.
I'm in love,
But it's only temporary.
Just like you say.
Just like you say.
:iconstiflersgirl:stiflersgirl 4 12
Timothy the Diet Coke Fairy by stiflersgirl Timothy the Diet Coke Fairy :iconstiflersgirl:stiflersgirl 3 30
Shade of Gray - Chapter 16
When I got to the hospital, I walked down the hall that I memorized. Take the elevator up two floors, go straight down the hall, take a right, keep going until you turn left by the elevator, then keep going to his room.
My dad was out of the bed that was his home for three months. Instead, he was in a wheelchair, and he looked fine for once.
"Hey, Dad." I said, smiling.
"Oh, hey Kimm," he returned the smile. "look at this, I can move around."
"I noticed." I laughed a little.
"They say I'm getting better, but I think my body's just giving up the fight. At least I can see outside my room before I go." I smiled sadly at him.
"I don't know how I'm going to deal with it, Dad."
"You will. You have to." I sighed. Looking into his eyes, I knew he was all right with the fact that soon he wouldn't be living.
"Dad," I paused. "I have to tell you something, before it's too late." He looked up at me, and I felt a rush of fear run down my spine.
"You would have been a grandpa, if you only lived a li
:iconstiflersgirl:stiflersgirl 1 10
Benjamin Forrest Davis by stiflersgirl Benjamin Forrest Davis :iconstiflersgirl:stiflersgirl 1 12
Shade of Gray - Chapter 15
Tim had called me later that day. I had never been happier to talk to him.
"We don't hate each other, we made up," I told him.
"Um, well…" I paused, "I'm carrying his child now."
"Yeah," I replied. "I don't know what we're going to do, but at least he supports me."
"I'm glad to hear that," he smiled. "I'm not going to school anymore. We're leaving early."
" early?"
"In two days."
"Can I at least say good-bye to you in person before you leave me?"
"I don't want to ruin what you and Chester just re-built. I'm too much of a threat to your relationship, and know that there's a baby involved, I don't think that's a good idea."
I sighed. "I just want to see you before you leave. Please?"
I drove to the house that was just a temporary home for Tim. Everywhere was temporary, and it must have been hard to change addresses so many times. Walking up the driveway, I noticed the small garage full of boxes of the family's belongings.
"There's my whole life in boxes," a vo
:iconstiflersgirl:stiflersgirl 2 8
Shade of Gray- Chapter 14
I had woken up early in the morning to stomach cramps. Pulling my body out of bed, I felt dizzy and nauseated. My stomach was going for loops, and I ran to the bathroom and sat next to the toilet and gagged. After I stopped being sick, I flushed the toilet and felt my stomach. It seemed to be growing, despite my desperate attempts in not eating.
"What is wrong with me?" I cried as I sat in the bathroom. The sobbing wasn't helping my horrible headache and my nausea. Getting up, I got on the scale and cringed. Five pounds more than last week. Eating nothing wasn't getting me anywhere but in a state of panic.
Suddenly, the thought of three months ago, three weeks before my birthday, when I had given myself away to Chester, and then it all made since.
"There's a Chester junior in there," I gasped. Tears welled in my eyes, as I felt my bulging stomach once again, realizing not only was I starving myself, but the poor creature leaching off of me. What the hell was I going to do with a baby?
:iconstiflersgirl:stiflersgirl 3 5
Shade of Gray - Chapter 13
That night Amanda, Brittany, Courtney, Emily and I went to Tim's gig. I remember him saying he was looking to start a band, but he couldn't at the moment since he was always moving around the country.
There was a small crowd sitting at tables around the stage. Their voices stopped as the lighted dimmed and Tim went on stage. He introduced himself and started playing. His eyes searched for me in the crowd, and finally he met mine and smiled.
He played for a good ten minutes and was on his last song.
"Okay, this is my last song," he said, "this is for a very good friend of mine." And then he looked over to me.
He slowly strummed his guitar, moving his fingers to form beautiful sounds on the fret board. Already I was in tears.
"How long I'll wait just to say good-bye…" he started, his eyes fixed on mine. His voice was full of emotion as he sang the words that I knew was every bit about me.
"We couldn't win in the end. You're gone." At that, he stopped strumming, and the crowd clapped. "Th
:iconstiflersgirl:stiflersgirl 2 5
Shade of Gray - Chapter 12
That day I went to the hospital after school. My dad was sleeping once again, like he would always do when I'd see him. He was getting weaker, the nurse told me, and he needed all the sleep he could get.
I left cards and drawings and letters on his nightstand, in hopes they will greet him warmly after his sleep and know that even though he missed me I still cared. After I spent ten minutes watching him sleep, I decided to let him go, with no hopes that he'd wake up to see me, and went down to the cafeteria to visit with Rae.
"All he does is sleep. If I couldn't hear his breathing, I'd say he's dead." My stepmom sighed.
"It's going to be okay," I held out my hand across the small table we sat at, to hold her hand in comfort. "Mum said that you could spend some time at our house, to get everything situated. They're re-modeling the spare room for you." We chuckled nervously. Both of us were going through the same thing, and we both knew how each other felt.
I sipped on my diet soda. "I th
:iconstiflersgirl:stiflersgirl 2 2
Shade of Gray - Chapter 11
I ran towards the school, trying to forget what just happened. Something overtook me, made me kiss Tim's lips, made me feel love for him. Running through the cafeteria in a mad race to the bathroom, I was stopped by Chester.
"We need to talk," he said blankly, and full of anger I had never heard in his voice ever. Without a reply from he, he forcefully took my hand and took me to an abandoned spot in the hall.
"What the hell was that, kissing that guy you always smoke with?" he demanded. Sobbing, I tried to hug him but he pushed me off him.
"I thought you loved me. I thought I loved you, but your nothing but a slut. We got what we wanted, and now you think it's done, right?"
"Chester, please," I started.
"No. Good-bye, Kimm." And he walked away, and left me sobbing in the corner. Even though I was at school, full of my friends and people who at least knew me, I had never felt so alone.
After school I had went to the place where Tim and I would always sit and talk. Even though he wasn't
:iconstiflersgirl:stiflersgirl 2 14
Shade of Gray - Chapter 10
The next morning I woke up alone. I assumed Chester had left after I fell asleep, in fear of being seen. It was still dark out, I didn't have to go to school for another two hours. Getting out of bed, I picked up Chester's guitar and started playing.
"It's really not a bad guitar," I said out loud. Watching my fingers find the right place on the fret board, my sleeves fell down, showing my cuts. They were healing well, although it was just a matter of time before I opened them.
I felt myself get dizzy as I got up to run down to the kitchen to get a glass of water, and I leaned against my door for a second to regain myself. Once I felt strong enough, I opened the door and went downstairs. When I opened the refrigerator to grab the pitcher of water, I was greeted with what was my worst enemy. Glaring at all the different foods in my fridge, I picked up the water pitcher and poured a glass of water. Returning the pitcher in the fridge, I slammed the door and drank my water.
I felt sicker
:iconstiflersgirl:stiflersgirl 2 12
I Heart The Moog Man by stiflersgirl I Heart The Moog Man :iconstiflersgirl:stiflersgirl 4 19


Sugarcult 7.08.04 by nineteen85 Sugarcult 7.08.04 :iconnineteen85:nineteen85 1 4 Sugarcult 4.15.04 by nineteen85 Sugarcult 4.15.04 :iconnineteen85:nineteen85 2 3 Motion City Soundtrack -Warped by nineteen85 Motion City Soundtrack -Warped :iconnineteen85:nineteen85 157 50
As the sky cries
Life and times
fiiled with hate
accented with crime
when the world ends
we'll see the demons within
i'll die alone
while i wallow
the mud and the grime
will stick and erode with time
you'll see me after it ends
a shadow of what i had been
and what could be
destined for death
my desire unkown
my fate foretold
i shall lie in this grave
and scream to the sky
this dirt my prison
fillling my mouth
stinging my eyes
it soaks up my tears
muffles my fears
why do i live?
this surpasses death
into its unkown province
i'll see you soon
when the clouds part ways
you will take shape
my darkened eyes
will see it true
the beauty of you
in your arms i will be
for humanities eternity
:icon11th-hour:11th-hour 2 34
Simple sordid romance
Storming inside
emotions torrent
burning rage
blinding pain
seal it tight
lock it in a cell
give it to me
i'll take it with me to hell
I'd give up my soul
just to hold you again
tend to you
stitch and mend your whole
i'll hold you close
wipe away your tears
breathe life
steal pain
live through me
take my heart
warm it from its frozen slumber
rebuild it to its natural state
only you can
it was meant for you...
:icon11th-hour:11th-hour 2 15
The art of dying
Smoke fills the clearing
the act has begun
she sits there calmly
never breaking her smile
"this is it"
"please stay in your seats"
The final act has begun
the lights
the camera
the woos and wows
What have we become?
what has begun?
the art of death
conformed to entertainment
sickly faces
and stoic places..
What is it now racing through your head
The facade?
Or the show?
Come with me now
I'll show you how
The end is near
Take this drink up
Now turn on the switch
For the world to see
the lights
the camera
the action will never cease
the smiles gone now
she's disappeared
all thats left is the dust of the ashes
ashes of the innocence
lost on this fateful day
sleep well
for that is fate
and it strikes a hard line
Stare down death
be ready to cry
and in the end
all you can do is die
listen to your heartbeat
one last time
listen close
it shall soon stop the fight
Cry out now
if its to much to bear
this endless heartache
boud to your very soul
lye now close to me
i'll comfort you in death
:icon11th-hour:11th-hour 9 27
Another free for all
Searing my ears
your answer
to takes its place
Your mouth moves
But nothin comes forth
What have i done?
Why do you not speak?
Shall i take your place?
Stick this silver in my chest
Pierce it
one final time
release me
I shall meet you again
I'll stand at the gates
Awaiting your acceptance
I see you
a beauty
even amongst
the golden gates
You pierce it all
your eyes
But i must hide my lies
I must go back
For he is still alive
I have not peformed my duties
I shall return
wait for me please
do not abandon me again
as I awaken
Its a blur
all I feel
is the pain
not of the dagger
but of a broken heart
with burden
you are my weakness
my sorrow
I can never let you go
I grasp you open handed
as you slip away
your memory will never fade.....
:icon11th-hour:11th-hour 4 31
Wasting Your Time
Am I a ghost?
Am I your dream?
You'll walk through me
and I'll disappear.
I am your toy,
your faithless sneak,
born now in fire
to burn so weak.
I'll eat the food
and lap the dish
that has been shared
by brutish lips.
Am I a ghost?
Is this a dream?
I'll walk through you
and disappear.
The math of time
has a way
of haunting me
from day to day,
but it teaches me
number's design,
and I know your sum
is more than mine.
I swing endlessly
in thoughts of you,
from loving you
to hating you,
and i cant help
feeling this way,
like trying to catch
each drop of rain
that's falling on our heads.
We both see one of the answers,
it's just not what I want to say.
Save me for yourself
on another thirsty day.
You should be upstairs with him,
you're wasting all your time again.
:iconnightmandl:nightmandl 5 13
What goes bump in the night by 11th-hour What goes bump in the night :icon11th-hour:11th-hour 3 33 Motion City Soundtrack-  7-29 by thecitywouldnotstop Motion City Soundtrack- 7-29 :iconthecitywouldnotstop:thecitywouldnotstop 1 8 Chains Of Pain by Cosmiksquirel Chains Of Pain :iconcosmiksquirel:Cosmiksquirel 6 17 first comic by jaspin first comic :iconjaspin:jaspin 1 3 Comic numbah 2 by jaspin Comic numbah 2 :iconjaspin:jaspin 2 3



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